alaskaell is Forever Alone

★ Hayooo. My name is Alaska and I'm about to answer some questions c; First name. Alaska isn't that obvious. Middle name. It's Victoria, I think. Last name? Just pretend it's Howell for fuq's sake (ehem ehem) Age. n3n I'm 17 Birthdate. The 16th of May. Gender. I'm male πŸ˜‘jfc do you always have to ask that you little Sexual orientation. Pansexual ahahaha 🌚 Nationality. British but I believe I am a mix of Japanese, Australian and Canadian because those races are just too cool and so is being british so uhm. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Species. I believe I am a flying llama from the underworld who turns out to be a fairy because humans are SO weeks ago. And I am SO not a human. πŸ˜‘ Height. T3T short. Weight. WAhehehe uou Staph making fun of meh Family. My fandoms and friends are my family. (Which basically means I was abandoned by parents when I was born and now I live alone. #foreveralone) Personality. I donut know how to judge myself but I guess I'm an antisocial emotional sarcastic sassy asshole addicted to the internet. Likes. r U stalking me staph But dan and phil and bands yay Dislikes. Stalkers like you Backstory. STALKERS AF OKAY I AM SO NOT COOL WITH THIS but a fabulous being named Alaska with no last name was born on a cold night of the 16th of May 1997 and yes I feel like an anime character or something but i'm gonna swiggity swaeger out now bye. 🌸🌚✨ — PS I was drunk when I did this.

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