raddana is Forever Alone

((if anyone actually reads this)) i tell alot of people not to drink because its harmful. someone asked if i had ever gotten drunk and i have. i was with a friend and i stole my parents vodka. we took shots and we were actually having a pretty good time. i was going to put the glasses away and I suddenly got incredibly dizzy. the room was literally spinning and my ears were ringing but I kept walking. My legs began to wobble all thr way to the sink and just as i was going to put the glasses down i dropped them, glass went everywhere and all over me. i had glass in my stomach and arms. I had scratches all over my legs. I noticed the blood coming from my stomach and i was so scared. i know its unlikely for any of you who drink or are thinking of drinking to get a broken vodka bottle jammed into your stomach but it happened and worse could happen. I care alot about you all and i just want you to make the right choice.

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